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группа Raspberries, Аккорды песни Nobody Knows

Группа: Raspberries - другие аккорды (20)
Аккорды песни: Nobody Knows
Просмотров: 1516

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                             "Nobody Knows"
                     (Eric Carmen - David Smalley)

Verse 1:

	 G                      Bm
	When I see the way she looks at him
	 G                           Bm    Em
	Hurts so bad, you know it's such a sin
	            C             Cm             D6  D7sus4
	To see her love him while I just walk on by


	[3: But] (Nobody knows) what it does to me
	(Nobody knows) noone could ever see
	        Em /D Cm                     G   D7sus4
	Nobody knows     what it does to [1: me         ]
	                                 [2: me (to bridge)]
	                                     G    D7sus4
	                                 [3: me-he-hee (repeat chorus)]
	                                     Em7 Asus4
	                                 [4: me        (to coda)]

Verse 2:

	Now those tender looks upon her face
	Are meant for someone else who's in my place
	And he's her lover the way I used to be

	(repeat chorus)


	               Bm                   Em
	I can see her dancing with someone else
	 /D              C             D    G
	Holding him so close while I'm by myself
	               Bm                     Em
	I just want to hit him but that won't do
	/D                  C      D6         C
	All I know is I've got to find some way
	      Am    FaddG   D7sus4
	I can get to you

Verse 3:

	When I see the way she holds his hand
	It burns inside me, I can't understand
	How could she love him the way she once loved me

	(repeat chorus, 2X)


	        C    Cm/G   G6
	Nobody knows

-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers


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