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группа Phair Liz, Аккорды песни Divorce Song

Группа: Phair Liz - другие аккорды (10)
Аккорды песни: Divorce Song
Просмотров: 1892

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From: devastator mike controller 
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 15:53:57 -0400
Subject: last liz phair tab for now

ok, here's the last one.  it's probably my favorite one, but i can't get 
it to sound like it does on the album.  i'm pretty sure the chords are 
close, but something is missing.  it might be that i don't have any 
a little chorus and delay may be what what you need to make it sound just 
right.  this is as close as i can get.
divorce song
the main theme is just variations of these crds (i think).  the B is the 
one that sounds a little funny.  like usual, liz only plays 2 or 3 notes 
for each crd. 
i might be some notes in between the chords, i can't quite tell.  
        C#      Ab   B  Ab
G-----------6----5---2-----5---- or some variation thereof.   i can't 
D-------6--------6---2-----6---- remember if the third crd is a B or a C. 
A-------4----------------6------ it might be played on the 3rd fret instead
E------------------------4------ of the 2nd.
C# = A shape barre crd at 4th fret
Ab = E shape barre crd at 4th fret
B  = A shape barre crd at 2nd fret (maybe 3rd?)
this theme is played thru all the verses.
for the chorus part...(i don't remember if the 1st crd is F# or F#m)
        F#(m?)          C#        G  Ab   G Ab          
        boxed it up and buried it in the  ground... (3x)
                                   *      **
        F#(m?)           C#        G Ab  G Ab
        burned it up and thrown it away...
* = slide up a fret
**= pick down then up really fast
and for the harmonica break at the end, the crds are just
F#(m?)  Ab  C#  or some combination of crds used above.
sorry this was kinda vague, but play it along w/ the cd and it'll become 
obvious.  lemme know if you come up with anything better...
whew, that's it for now...
jeff kim


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