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группа Nova Heather, Аккорды песни Doubled Up

Группа: Nova Heather - другие аккорды (6)
Аккорды песни: Doubled Up
Просмотров: 2342

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Date:     Wed, 11 Oct 95 11:49:25 MET
From: Wouter Janssen  
Subject:  n/nova_heather/doubled_up.crd

"Doubled Up" by Heather Nova

transcription by Wouter Janssen 


intro : 
D Dsus4 D  D Dsus4

D   Dsus4  A      D      Dsus4  A
  I saw a mountain  from higher above
D   Dsus4     A             D         Dsus4 A 
  I held your hand and I was  doubled up in love

G           A      D             Bm
  Big sky above me, the river inside me
      G A               D Dsus4 D  D Dsus4 D              
and I'm   doubled up in love

D        Dsus4         A    D        Dsus4          A
  You're watching your step  but you fall as you're walking
D     Dsus4      A                D   Dsus4          A
  You take it in stride but still you fall as you're walking


Feels good it feels like poetry
don't ask me to explain it just
F#m                     G  A
feels good, like poetry
                      D Dsus4 D D Dsus4 D
I'm doubled up again

D      Dsus4  A    D     Dsus4       A
  Look at the sky,  lift off like an aeroplane,
D       Dsus4   A
  watch the     ground come up to meet you



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