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группа Nofx, Табулатура песни Dont Call Me White

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    Группа: Nofx - другие аккорды (72),   диски (12),   фотографии (1)
    Табулатура песни: Dont Call Me White
    Просмотров: 1316

    #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
    #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
    #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
    From: gperez@netcom.com (Gustavo Perez)
    Subject: TAB Don't Call Me White by NOFX UPDATED
    NOFX --- Don't Call Me White 
    as performed on the Punk-O-Rama album (and I think Punk in Drublic)
    Transcribed by Gus Perez (gperez@netcom.com)
    Email me any comments or questions.
    Anyone and everyone is allowed to add their 2 cents and correct whatever
    I did wrong...correct the lyrics also, I'm sure I'm wrong there a couple 
    of times.  I didn't get this off the Punk In Drublic album so I didn't 
    have access to the lyrics, I had to guess at them.  I don't even know if
    the PID album even has the lyrics...
    REVISION: 5/12/95:
    I thank the (three people who mailed me the lyrics to this song.  I have now
    updated the tab so the lyrics are correct (should be, at least).  
    Played in standard E tuning.  Lots of distortion, pretty high presence.
         Riff 1                               Riff 2
        ^^^ play with the riff a little, 
            it's on the right track
    Chord Diagrams
     F#5	       E5         A5         C#5         E5ii         D5        
       xxx         xxx         xxx      x   xx      x   xx      x   xx           
    1|||||2fr   ||||||1fr   1|||||5fr   |1||||4fr   |1||||7fr   |1||||5fr          
    ||||||      |23|||      ||||||      ||||||      ||||||      ||||||    
    |34|||      ||||||      |34|||      ||34||      ||34||      ||34||            
    ||||||      ||||||      ||||||      ||||||      ||||||      ||||||          
                   F#5          A5      E5 
    Don't call me white, don't call me white
                   F#5          A5      E5 
    Don't call me white, don't call me white
         F#5          A5              E5
    Your connotations wearing my nuts thin
         F#5                 A5             E5
    Could it be semantics generating the mess we're in
    F#5      A5
    I understand that language
    F#5         E5
    breeds stereotype
    But what's the explanation for the malice, for the spite?
                   F#5          A5      E5
    Don't call me white, don't call me white
                   F#5          A5      E5
    Don't call me white, don't call me white
    F#5      A5                  E5
    I wasn't brought here, I was born
         F#5            A5                E5
    Circumsized, categorized, allegiance sworn
              F#5            A5
    does this mean I have to take such shit
    F#5                     E5
    for being fair skinned, no!
    I ain't part of no conspiracy, I'm just your average Joe
                   F#5          A5      E5
    Don't call me white, don't call me white
                   F#5          A5      C#5
    Don't call me white, don't call me white
               C#5 [palm muted]
    Represents everything I hate
             A5                          E5
    The soap shoved in your mouth to cleanse the mind
           C#5                          C#5 [palm muted]
    A vast majority I've sheep, a buttoned collar, starched and bleached
    constricting veins, the blood flow to the brain slows
    they're so fuckin ordinary
    F#5          A5      E5
    White, Don't call me white
    E5ii        D5            A5
    Oh, we're better off this way
    E5ii     D5               A5
    Oh, say what you're gonna say
    F#5             A5            F#5            E5
    So go ahead and label me, an asshole cause I can
       A5                                                         F#5
    Accept responsibility for what I've done, but not for who I am
           A5      E5
    Don't call me white
                   F#5          A5      E5
    Don't call me white, don't call me white

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