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группа Nofx, Аккорды песни All His Suits Are Torn

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Группа: Nofx - другие аккорды (72),   диски (12),   фотографии (1)
Аккорды песни: All His Suits Are Torn
Просмотров: 1775

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Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 13:12:44 -0400
Subject: n/nofx/all_his_suits_are_torn.crd
From: rdp19@juno.com (Daniel Planas)


VERSE 1: All power chords as per usual. (---) Means
         that you need to palm mute. 

 Billy Cobin lost it all we knew he would eventually

 Some wonder why he took the fall

 D             Eii             F#ii   
 Others wonder who the hell is he and why should  

 Eii              D > Fii 
 we care for him

VERSE 2: same chords as verse 1.

 A baggy man with baggy clothes
 a face made of paper mache
 He lost his humor years ago
 Along with his molars 
 His head planted beneath his shoulders

THEN:  E  F# - to chorus

CHORUS: Here you can play the E chord high or low - 
        whichever sounds best to you

 A         E      F#            D                  A 
 Kill the pain integrity don't keep you warm and sane

 A               E   F#             D
 Don't throw me out with the bath water
A           E    F#        D               A   D#
 Don't wanna be anyone who would wanna know me

FINAL VERSE: same chords

 Billy Cobin had a time Billy Cobin had a place
 Following his 15 minute climb
 Billy took a 7 second leap a canonball
 Plunge off the deep



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