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группа Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Аккорды песни Dancing To The Beat

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Аккорды песни: Dancing To The Beat
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Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 20:55:20 -0500
From: Dan Nicholas 
Subject: CRD:Dancing To The Beat Of A Broken Heart By The Nitty gritty Dirt Band

Dancin To The Beat Of A Broken Heart
Performed by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
>From The CD.... Hold On
Transcribed by Dan Nicholas

D  Em

D                                     G
Some times she'll have one drink too many
Bm              A                G
Some times she laughs a bit too loud
D                           Em
She's the first one on the dance floor
D                  A        G
She'll dance with any man around
A           Bm               G 
I watch the way they all surround her
A           Bm                G   D          
I know that they don't understand her

                  F#m           G         A      D
Cho.. She's just dancin'to the beat of a broken heart
      D              F#m            G              A 
      Searchin' for comfort with strangers in the dark
      Bm             G             Bm            E
      It's just her way to fight another lonely night
      G               A                D 
      Dancing to the beat of a broken heart

She's the center of attention
Bm     A                G
Everytime she comes in here
D                        Em 
And as she dances by my table
D           A             G 
I see the traces of the tears
A                Bm                 G
There's someone somewhere she's not over
A            Bm            G   D   
She's just looking for a shoulder


 G              A                D 
Dancing to the beat of a broken heart
Dancing to the beat of a broken heart
        G             A                D
She's dancing to the beat of a broken heart

Mmmmm  Mmmmm
Ooohh  Ooohh
Dan Nicholas
Heldan Enterprises
e-mail: nicholdb@istar.ca
e-mail: dan.nicholas@ottawa.com
e-mail: az252@freenet.carleton.ca


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