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группа Nine Inch Nails, Табулатура песни Gave Up

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Табулатура песни: Gave Up
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: Burning.Inside@f929.n273.z1.fidonet.org (Burning Inside)
Date: 25 Dec 95 01:08:47 -0500
Subject: TAB:"Gave Up" by Nine Inch Nails

Gave Up         by Nine Inch Nails
                from the EP "Broken"
                words and music by Trent Reznor
                tabbed by Tom Mallon
Guitar Riff 1 (appears behind verses)
E -------------------------------------------------------------------
B -------------------------------------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------------------------------------
D --2---4------------------------------------------------------------
A --2---4------------------------------------------------------------
E --0---2------------------------------------------------------------
Chorus Riff 1 (at "It took you...")
E |-----------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------|
G |.--9--\---------------5-4-2---------5\4-.|
D |.--9--\--7--\--4------5-4-2--4------5\4-.|
A |---7--\--7--\--4------3-2-0--4------3\2--|
E |---------5--\--2-------------2-----------|
Chorus Riff 2 (at "Smashed up my sanity...")
E |-----------------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------------|
G |.--9----11\------------------5-4-2--------5\4-.|
D |.--9----11\---7----9--\--4---5-4-2--4-----5\4-.|
A |---7----9-\---7----9--\--4---3-2-0--4-----3\2--|
E |--------------5----7--\--2----------2----------|
Synth Solo (1:21) (play twice)
E ---------------------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------------------
G ---------------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------
A -3-3--333--3h4p3p2p0------3-3--333--3h4p3p2p0------
E ---------------------2------------------------2----
E ------------------------------
B ------------------------------
G ------------------------------
D ------------------------------
A ----------------------3p2p0---
E --2--2--2-5--0h2-2-2----------
(Note: This is my best guess. It's a little hard to figure it out because
 the notes are a little muddy. This is just a rough estimate.)
There is another synth burst at 2:55. It sounds like one chord being bent
by a pitch shifter, so I just bend the living shit out a chord that is
shaped like x-x-16-18-19-x. It's some sort of F# chord.
Outro Synth Line (also appears at 2:55)
E -------------------------------------------------------------------
B -------------------------------------------------------------------
G --/9------------/9------------/9-------------/9--------------------
D ------9--7----------9--7----------7--------------7-----------------
A ------------9-------------9----------9--7-----------9--7-----------
E -------------------------------------------------------------------


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