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группа New Model Army, Аккорды песни Lovesongs

Группа: New Model Army - другие аккорды (16)
Аккорды песни: Lovesongs
Просмотров: 1268

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: Juergen Bohn 

New Model Army - "Lovesongs" from the album "Ghost of Cain"

1. Verse:
	Em			G
Under darkening thundering towering skies
   C				D
We live through these painful days
	Em			G
Walking like strangers in streets of damnation
   C		   D
Under the enemy's gaze
Well we all create monsters
Come back for their masters
	F#		Am
The prices the Devil reclaims

	Em		    D
It's funny I never thought I'd be
the one who would change.

2. Verse: ...
chords: same as above...

   B			B
Forget all the lies, forget all the trouble
   Am				G
Forget all the things that I've done
   B			B
And please believe, like I still believe
   Am		    G
The best is yet to come
   F#		    D 
The truth is yet to come

Instrumental + 3. Verse:
Em	G	C	D
Em	G	C	D

So damn all the world
And damn their demands
    F#			     Am
And all the things that they say
	  Em			D
Cos they always play lovesongs
when you're far away
	  Em			D
Cos they always play lovesongs
when you're far away...

Wow, this one is great, too, isn't it?
Please mail criticisms, corrections or whatever to
Juergen "George" Bohn, Universitt Karlsruhe, Germany


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