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Аккорды песни: Figure Of Eight
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Figure of eight (McCartney)

E                                 A         E
(Well) You've got me dancing in a figure of eight,
                                       A        E
don't know if I'm coming or going, I'm early or late.
B                   C#m
Round and round the ring I go,
A               B
I want to know, I want to know,
E                        A       E
why can't we travel a continuous line?
                             A       E
Make love reliable convenant all the time.
B               C#m         A              B
Up and down the hills I go, I got to know, I got to know.

       A        B/A
Is is better to love another
        G#m                     A
than to go go for a walk in the dark?
      A                      B/A        E
Is it better to love than to give in to hate?
          A                B/A
Yeah we'd better take good care of each other
      G#m                                A
avoid slipping back off the straight and narrow,
                                B                    E
it's better by far than getting stuck in a figure of eight.

       B                  A
(well) figure it out for yourself little girl,
it don't go nowhere at all,
B                             A         (B)       B
it's nothing more than a tape loop in a big dance hall.

You've got me running ...

You've got me running ...

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