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Аккорды песни: Deliver Yourildren
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From pjoe@charon.muc.de Sat Jun 14 12:24:09 1997
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 19:18:01 +0200
From: Peter Eybert 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: CRD: 'Deliver your children' by Paul McCartney

	Deliver your children (Paul McCartney, London Town, 1978)
(Capo 5, preferably 12-string)

Em                                                 Em/F#  G  D
Well, the rain was a-falling and the ground turned to     mud
      Em                                       D  A
I was watching all the people running from the flood
     Em                                       Em/F# G  D
So I started to prayin' though I ain't no prayin'   man
        Bm             Em              Bm         Em
for the Lord to come a helpin' knowing he'd understand.

D            D/C#            Bm
Deliver your children to the good good life
G                  Bm            Em
give 'em peace and shelter and a fork and knife
        D            D/C#          Bm
shine a light in the morning and a light at night
         D     F#m  Bm                 G    Bm Em
and if a thing goes wrong you'd better make it right.

Well, I had me a woman, she was good and clean

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she spent all day with the washing machine but when it came to lovin' she was never around she was out getting dry all over town. CHORUS Am Am/B C G Well, I was low on money and my truck broke down Am G D I was on my way to the lost and found Am Am/B C G so I took it on a dealer, I said make it run Em Am Em Em7 Am well, I ain't got no money, but I got me a gun. Am Am/B C G I said you robbed me before so I'm robbing you back Am G D and if it don't put you straight it'll put you on the right track Am Am/B C G well, I ain't no devil and I ain't no saint Em Am Em Em7 Am but I can tell a dealer by the color of his paint. CHORUS Em Em/F# G D If you want good eggs you gotta feed that hen Bm Em and if you wanna hear some more Bm Em well, I'll sing it again. -- pjoe@charon.muc.de

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