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группа Madder Rose, Аккорды песни Swim

Группа: Madder Rose - другие аккорды (3)
Аккорды песни: Swim
Просмотров: 1956

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From: Simon.Booth@swindon.gpsemi.COM (Simon Booth x8125 [simon])

			Madder Rose - Madder Rose

	Here's one for slide guitar. (I use open E)


E  B  E  A  E


B (Slow slide to E)

E                           B        
You're concious now so you walk around
E                A           
Awake enough to hold your ground
E                      B
The rivers deep you jump right in
E                        A
The currents strong it makes you spin
E             N/C
Your arms in a wild rotation
Your arms in a wild rotation

E                         B
The truths enough to set you afloat
E                          A
Describe the truth as a yellow lifeboat
E                     B
Admitting this you climb it ladder
E                   A
But now the Yellow boat
E            B
just looks sadder
E           N/C
Hey Rose hey Madder
Hey Rose hey Madder

B (Slow Slide to E)

E              B         E                  A
Hey rose hey Madder hey rose do I make you sadder
E              B         E                  A
Hey rose hey Madder hey rose do I make you sadder

Slide between all chords. At the start of the Breaks and the Chorus
there's a slow slide from B to E (Listen to the Single for the 
overall rhythm !)

(N/C = No Chord)


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