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группа Love And Rockets, Аккорды песни Rainbird

Группа: Love And Rockets - другие аккорды (5)
Аккорды песни: Rainbird
Просмотров: 1920

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Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 19:13:24 -0800
From: jamiii 
Subject: "Rainbird" by Love and Rockets

Love and Rocket's "Rain Bird" 
from _Earth, Sun, Moon_

chord voicings:

A(add B)   - 577600  
G6         - 355400
F#7(add B) - 244300
F#         - 244322
Bsus2      - x24422
E          - 022100

      A(add B)   G6                 F#7(add B) - repeat sequence
     Rain bird dives throught the hole
     In a broken guitar
     Rain bird sings a song so sad in blue
     Like a stranded insect 
     Stuck in a bowl of glue
     F#7(add B)                      - stick 
     He tries to fly
     But he will die
     If he ever leaves the zoo

                                      - restart A(add B) sequence
     Rain Bird / Rain Bird

     Rain bird swoops through the
     Chimney pots and rain
     Rain bird flies to the edge of a gilded cage
     Hiding in the spotlights
     Of a famous stage

     F#7(add B)                        - stick again
     He tries to become invisible
     Whilst stealing the front page

                                       - restart A(add B) sequence
     Rain Bird / Rain Bird / Rain Bird / Rain Bird

     When you were a boy
     You used to wish for this
     But like the cat who turns his nose
     Up at the dish
     F#                    Bsus2
     Now that you have it
     You want to give it away

                                     - no chord
     When you had to work so hard
     Slogging for a pittance
     In a boot and shoe yard
     F#                     Bsus2
     That's when you wanted
     What you now give away
      F#       Bsus2      E          - no lyrics

                                     - repeat A(add B) sequence
     Rain Bird
     You're all the rage, bird
     Rain Bird
     You're all the rage, bird
                                     - end on F#
     -David J

Check song for rhythm.  Intro is A(add B) sequence x 2.

transcribed by john m.


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