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группа Little Richard, Аккорды песни Ready Teddy

Группа: Little Richard - другие аккорды (9)
Аккорды песни: Ready Teddy
Просмотров: 1700

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From: Collins Crapo [roxtar@srv.net]
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 1998 2:32 PM
Subject: CRD: /l/little_richard/ready_teddy.crd (update)

written by Blackwell/Calca
performed by Little Richard
tab transcribed by Collins Crapo 

(note to OLGA archivist: after sending the previous version,
I found the songwriting credits.  Please replace with this update.)

Ready, set, go, man, go
I've got a girl that I love so

    Bb                            F
I'm ready, ready ready Teddy, I'm ready
Ready ready Teddy, I'm ready
Bb                     F
Ready ready Teddy, I'm ready ready ready to rock 'n' roll

Verse 2:
Goin' down to the corner, pick up my sweetie pie
She's my rock 'n' roll baby, she's the apple of my eye


Verse 3:
Well the flat top cats and the dungaree dolls
Are headed for the gym to the sock hop ball
The joint is really jumpin', the cats are goin' wild
The music really sends me, I dig that crazy style


(instrumental, pattern of verse-chorus-verse-chorus)

(repeat verse 2)


(repeat verse 3)


Verse 4:
Gonna kick off my shoes, roll up my faded jeans
Grab my rock 'n' roll baby, pour on the steam
I shuffle to the left, I shuffle to the right
Gonna rock 'n' roll till the early early night



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