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Табулатура песни: Sister
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"Sister", by Lenny Kravitz, Music by L.Kravitz and Craig Ross.
Words by L.Kravitz. Produced by L.Kravitz.
(c)1993 Miss Bessie Music (ASCAP)/Wigged Music (BMI)

Tab prepared by listening to CD:
Jonathan Feldman
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH

Put into non-proportional font like courier

The Following is my best guess at "Sister" by Lenny Kravitz, an excellent
tune off his new album, "Are You Gonna Go My Way":

Verse, repeat until G comes

Fmaj7                       C

E-A-B weird chord (Don't forget to mute the G)

(Repeat x3, but....)

On "And he stole you're only heart" instead of going to E-A-B, go to:


C-F-G chord throughout ---------->

Back to E-A-B                Then to G again

Now, play that progression through the first two verses,

At the end of the second verse, the E-A-B to G continues 
through that long instrumental part, until you get to the 

          F----------------C-----------------G-------See Below
If they   Knock on your    Door...    You    Already gave

                                  :*) Trust me-->)  |--0

    F-------------C--------------G---------------STAY ON G
You Don't need no more of what's ailing ya'

(Repeat for next part of bridge)

When you get to "America....,"    play 
E-A-B then Fmaj7 (instead of G)

Play the third verse like the first two, then the end 
just like the bridge.....

NOTE:     BE CAREFUL OF THE RHYTHM....  Every other chord 
starts on the 4th beat of the measure, and lasts for 5 beats, not 4
For example, for the Fmaj7 and C in the verses, you play
Fmaj7 for 1-2-3 and C for 4-1-2-3-4....

The best way to get this down is to play along with the CD (or tape)


Sister........   did you have to fall in love
With a man....   that never was
Up to no good.   he took your soul
And he left your only heart
Flipped your wig,  and left a permanent scar

Sister........    did you have to go away
You left you're home....   and the things you had to say
It didn't feel good...   to let you slide
I never got to say goodbye
Miss you girl,  I think I'm gonna cry....

If they knock on your door, you already gave
You don't need no more of what's ailin' ya

Just lean on your soul with all that it takes
May god bring you back home to America...America

Sister, sister,sister,sister... It's just a test of faith
Your heart is pure, so the devil's in your face
           .....I'll see you soon
Cause they haven't got a case
And you'll be free, in a beautiful place

In a beautiful place....

If they knock on your door, you already gave.

Good Luck!

Send comments, questions, etc. to:


Keep those tabs rolling!!!    (Does anybody have Black Water
by the Doobie Brothers?   (tab))


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