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группа Kravitz Lenny, Табулатура песни Butterfly

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Табулатура песни: Butterfly
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Title:                        Butterfly                  (Lenny Kravitz)

G       Daug             Dm                   C        (*)
        You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

G    	Daug                Dm                    C          (*)
        You shine just like sun that rains on the winter snow

Cm                      G
        I just had to...tell you so

G       Daug      Dm                    C                       (*)
        Your eyes sparkle as the stars, like the moon that glows

G       Daug       Dm                                 C              (*)
        Your smile could light the world on fire...or did you know

G       Daug                Dm                C         (*)
        Your mind's full of everything that I wanna know

Cm                    G
        I just had to let you know

Cm                    G
        I just had to tell you so

Cm                            G
        You're my butterfly...flyin' high

Cm                    G
        Flyin' high...fly, fly, fly...

        Chords:         E A D G B E
                 G      3 2 0 0 0 3
                 Daug   x x x 3 3 2
                 Dm     x x 0 2 3 1
                 C      x 3 2 0 1 0
                 Cm     x x 1 0 1 3

        Twiddely bit:   (*)   Lenny does a bit of quick fingering here that
                        sounds right, but perhaps there's a better way of doing
                        it -- so please mail me if you figure it out. 

                        xSLy - x Slide to y
                        xPy  - x Pull off to y

     G         G         Daug      Daug      Dm        Dm  Dm     C    C
E |--3---------3---------x---------x---------x---------x---x------x----x---
A |--2---------2---------x---------x---------x---------x---x------3----3---
D |--0---------0---------x---------x---------0---------0---0------2----2---
G |--0---------0---------3---------3---------2---------2---2------0----0---
B |--0---------0---------3---------3---------3---------3---3------1----1---
E |--3---------3---------2---------2---------1---------1---1------0----0---	
                 You     are        the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

               C            G         G         Daug      Daug      Dm
E |------------x------------3---------3---------x---------x---------x-
A |------------3------------2---------2---------x---------x---------x-
D |------------2------------0---------0---------x---------x---------0-
G |------------0------------0---------0---------3---------3---------2-
B |-1SL3P1-0-1-1-1SL3P1-0-1-0---------0---------3---------3---------3-
E |------------0------------3---------3---------2---------2---------1-
                                        You     shine      just like...etc


               C            Cm        Cm        Cm        Cm        G
E |------------x------------x---------x---------x---------x---------3-
A |------------3------------x---------x---------x---------x---------2-
D |------------2------------1---------1---------1---------1---------0-
G |------------0------------0---------0---------0---------0---------0-
B |-1SL3P1-0-1-1-1SL3P1-0-1-1---------1---------1---------1---------0-
E |------------0------------3---------3---------3---------3---------3-
                                       I just   had to     tell you so...etc

			The chords here in the tab bits are only the down
			strums taken from the album "Mama said", but it'll
			sound great any way you play it.

This is dedicated to John "my guitar guru" Bradbury who taught me how to play
it, and especially to my love Sib who inspired me to learn to play guitar.

Andrew M. Connell  -  CONNELL@JUNCOL.JUNIATA.EDU  -  Juniata College, PA

             _/   _/      _/    _/_/_/
          _/_/   _/_/  _/_/   _/    _/
        _/ _/   _/ _/_/ _/  _/
      _/_/_/   _/  _/  _/  _/        _/  _/  _/  _/  _/  _/  _/  _/  _/  _/
    _/   _/   _/      _/  _/                                        _/ _/
  _/    _/   _/      _/   _/     _/                                _/_/
_/     _/   _/      _/     _/_/_/                                 _/

"I've crossed...oceans of time for you."


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