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chords of song: Paradise
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Paradise (Hensley)

||C - - -|Ebmaj7 - - -|C - - -|Ebmaj7 - - -|| (repeat 3x)
[C]I feel you [Ebmaj7]trying.....[C]Though in my heart I know you're [Ebmaj7]lying
And [C]though your love for me is [Ebmaj7]dying... [C]I see you [Ebmaj7]crying
[Bb]It's the pain of your [C]secret heart... Bringing [F]you to tears
Filling [F#dim] you with fears... through your [C]mind and through [G]your soul
|C - - -|Ebmaj7 - - -|C - - -|Ebmaj7 - - -|
[C]I touch you [Ebmaj7]softly now.. [C]Borne on by hope until the [Ebmaj7]end some how
[C]I am a man and I must [Ebmaj7]keep my vow.. [C]I must go [Ebmaj7]on
[Bb]But the wall of your [C]secret heart keeps my [F]distance clear
Helps my [F#dim]footsteps fall... back in [C]line inside my [G]mind
|C - - -|Ebmaj7 - - -|C - - -|Ebmaj7 - - -|
||C - - -|- - - -|| (3x)
[C]What's the use you [Eb]turned me loose.. and [F]left me here to [C]cry
[C]Where's the love we [Eb]talked about... [F]where's my sunny [C]sky
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[C]Secret hearts and [Eb]sorry tales... will [F]never help love [C]grow [C]Spread your wings my [Eb]daunted soul the [F]time has come to [C]go [C]I will not be [Eb]hurried down... or [F]blackened by your [C]lies [C]I must go and find my [Eb]dream... and [F]live in para[C]dise [C]What's the [C/D]use you [Eb]turned me [Eb/Bb]loose..and [F/D]left me [F/C]here to [C]cry [C]Where's the [C/D]love we [Eb]talked [Eb/Bb]about... [F/D]where's my [F/C]sunny [C]sky [C]Secret [C/D]hearts and [Eb]sorry [Eb/Bb]tales...will [F/D]never [F/C]help love [C]grow [C]Spread your [C/D]wings my [Eb]daunted [Eb/Bb]soul the [F/D]time has [F/C]come to [C]go [C]I will [C/D]not be [Eb]hurried [Eb/Bb]down... or [F/D]blackened [F/C]by your [C]lies [C]I must [C/D]go and [Eb]find my [Eb/Bb]dream... and [F/D]live in [F/C]para[C]dise [C]What's the [C/D]use you [Eb]turned me [Eb/Bb]loose..and [F/D]left me [F/C]here to [C]cry [C]Where's the [C/D]love we [Eb]talked [Eb/Bb]about... [F/D]where's my [F/C]sunny [C]sky (leads into 'The Spell')